Black Badge Course

In IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation), a Black Badge is a certification granted to shooters who have successfully completed an IPSC Black Badge Course, which is a comprehensive training program that covers the fundamentals of practical shooting, safety, and the rules and regulations of IPSC.

The Black Badge Course is designed to train and assess participants in their ability to safely and competently shoot IPSC matches. It includes both classroom instruction and practical shooting exercises, and it typically takes several days to complete.

Once a shooter has successfully completed the Black Badge Course, they are considered a certified IPSC competitor and can participate in IPSC matches at a higher level of competition. They are also eligible to take part in other IPSC training courses and events, and they may have the opportunity to become an IPSC Range Officer or Instructor.

This two day course is a comprehensive course which covers the history, rules, techniques and the practical application of those fundamentals in order for you to participate in IPSC competitions and to safely complete IPSC courses of fire.

With Safety ALWAYS being the primary focus of the Black Badge course (and the sport of IPSC), you will learn how to Safely:

  • Grip your handgun properly
  • Draw from your holster
  • Reload
  • Move from various positions
  • Navigate (with your firearm) up, down and across the range
  • Start and shoot from various positions: kneeling, prone, turning, table starts and unloaded
  • Learn how to shoot one-handed: strong and weak hand
  • Shoot leaning around barricades and through large and small ports

To take the course you will need a firearm with a caliber of 9mm x 19 or larger, at least 3 magazines (5 preferred),  an appropriate holster (in accordance with IPSC Rule 5.2), at least mag pouches )5 preferred), a belt for the holster and mag pouches, safety glasses, ear protection and approximately 250 rounds of ammunition. The firearm you choose and plan to attend the course with must conform to the rules of the IPSC DIVISION in which you wish to compete. Your course instructor will advise you on the specific requirements and you can also read more on the EQUIPMENT and DIVISIONS section of this website.

 The cost of the Black Badge Course includes the cost of the course itself (2 full days of instruction), your IPSC Manitoba membership for the first year, and books for both days of the course. Each day of the course will be a full day (8 hours or more) on the range. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather appropriately.

If you have any questions about divisions or the firearms you want to use, you can check these locations for more information (see below), or contact the IPSC SK Training Coordinator.