New Shooter


Every shooter standing on the line today commenced their journey from the exact point you find yourself at now: a novice, brimming with uncertainty about acquiring top-tier, dependable IPSC gear and where best to procure it. We all embarked from the same starting line on our inaugural day.

Certain voices might suggest that a collection of basic magazine pouches, a reliable handgun, and fundamental accessories are all that suffice. Indeed, that’s the common genesis for many, if not all of us. Yet, as time unfolds, individual paths diverge, leading to distinct gear selections aligned with chosen divisions and favored equipment brands.

In the realm of IPSC, the equipment landscape mirrors that of any sporting pursuit—choices abound, spanning from frugal to lavish, guided by personal brand affinities. The prerogative is entirely yours. Solely this counsel I offer: launch your odyssey by envisioning the gear, firearm, and division you ultimately aspire to master. Chart your budgetary course, pinpoint the division igniting your competitive spirit, and then glean insights from those already immersed in that realm. Their guidance will unveil the ideal equipment type and brand poised to accompany you on this thrilling journey.

Start with your end goal in mind.

What I mean here is: Don’t go out and buy some IPSC gear that “will suffice” to get you through the Black Badge Course only to be disappointed once you’ve settled into the sport. Choose and buy your equipment on day one while bearing in mind “where” you wish to end up in terms of division and equipment. So, your first step should be to determine which DIVISION you wish to compete in and the associated firearm.

To provide some guidance we have a number of IPSC equipment vendors that will be able to provide some product advice since they too are active IPSC shooters. You can check out the VENDORS PAGE of this website for more information and contact details.

It is at this point that I cannot stress how helpful it will be for you to come out, in person, and watch an IPSC match and chat to and meet some people with your Zone Director. There is simply a plethora of experience and information out there for you that is just a mere casual, friendly conversation away. At some of the vendor’s display tables you’ll be able to handle and checkout some of the gear you’ll need to eventually purchase and you’ll be able to actually see it in action as you watch experienced shooters compete.

Ideally you’ll need to start your IPSC shooting career with:

  • A good quality, reliable handgun of your choice for your chosen division
  • Sufficient magazines (a minimum of 5 is recommended)
  • A double loop belt (inner and out with Velcro)
  • Loose fitting pants that are comfortable and have loops to accommodate the inner belt
  • A holster that meets IPSC rules mounted to the outer belt
  • Magazine pouches mounted to the outer belt
  • Good quality eye protection – you can’t shoot what you can’t clearly see
  • Hearing protection
  • Good quality, comfortable shoes that provide grip and traction on gravel, sand and mud
  • A range bag for your accessories
  • Cleaning gear for your handgun and magazines etc …
  • Ammunition boxes – you typically attend matches with more than 300 rounds

As you progress and gain more experience in the sport of IPSC (like golf or hockey) your equipment inventory will also grow as you begin to include other helpful accessories:

  • Uplula mag loaders
  • Magazine cleaning brush
  • Bag for empty brass (spent casings for reloading)
  • The list can go on and on. The only limit is what you want and what you can afford.

Some final equipment advice:

  • Talk to other, experienced IPSC shooters for advice
  • Ensure your handgun and equipment conform to the division as per the IPSC HANDGUN RULEBOOK
  • Most importantly: Buy your gear with the desired end result in mind.

Black Badge

Successful completion of the IPSC “Black Badge” Course is a mandatory prerequisite for ALL new IPSC shooters.

The IPSC Black Badge Course is a two day course combining written exams, classroom lectures followed by dry and live firing exercises. The course is designed to teach the new IPSC shooter how to SAFELY draw a loaded firearm from a holster, reload on the move, proper IPSC range commands and much, much more. Ostensibly, the course is about SAFE gun handling in the dynamic, fast paced IPSC match environment. This is NOT “just a holster course“.

The new shooter will graduate from this course with a heightened sense of SAFE gun handling and a new respect for practical shooting skills. In addition, he/she will have a rudimentary understanding of how an IPSC match is run. Black Badge Courses are taught on a floating schedule. Instructors wait until they have a small group organized. Courses are typically run with between 6 – 10 candidates depending on the course instructor.

Once a new shooter has successfully completed the Black Badge Course he will be allowed to join IPSC Saskatchewan and compete in sanctioned IPSC matches.

Become an IPSC SK Member


Joining IPSC comes with a host of advantages, and the cost of membership is typically lower than the price of just a few boxes of ammunition.

By becoming a member, you actively contribute to the growth and promotion of the exhilarating sport of IPSC shooting.

Additionally, as a valued member, you’ll typically receive a subscription to our national newsletter. This newsletter is your gateway to a wealth of information, covering everything from shooting tips and match schedules to results and various facets of IPSC competitions.

As a member, you gain the exciting opportunity to engage in shooting activities at every level, spanning from local gatherings to regional, national, and even international competitions.

As an essential resource for members, an official rulebook comprehensively outlines the regulations and scoring systems integral to IPSC shooting.

Furthermore, as a part of our IPSC community, you’ll receive valuable support from both the National Range Officers Institute (NROI) and the International Range Officers Association (IROA). These organizations host clinics aimed at enhancing shooting skills and training Range Officials for competitive events.

Joining us means becoming a vital participant in the world’s most dynamic and demanding shooting sport