Saskatchewan Teams Announced – 2024 IPSC National Handgun Championships

We’re excited to announce the latest standings, meticulously calculated using our newly adopted criteria. This comprehensive evaluation includes match results spanning from October 2022 through December 2023, in line with the resolutions passed during our previous Annual General Meeting. These standings reflect a rigorous assessment and offer a clear picture of the performance over this period. Congratulations to all !! Here are the standings:

Open Division

  1. Cliff Kobelsky
  2. Adnan Parwez
  3. Alen Audet
  4. Barry Moore
    (5th) Ruth Dumuk

Production Optics Division

  1. AJ Dumuk
  2. Adam Beck
  3. Andy Bernard
  4. Brook Davis
    (5th) Jeremiah Crawford

Production Division

  1. Collin O’Byrne
  2. Jesse Natske
  3. Jeff Baron
  4. Andrew Novak

Classic Division

  1. Jeff Kent
  2. Wes John
  3. Braden Pound
  4. Ryan Rupert

Standard Division

  1. Alain Dumuk
  2. Brian Williams
  3. Jeff Bala