Excitement at Regina SGCA Gun Show: IPSC Saskatchewan’s Booth Draws Crowds

This past weekend marked a significant presence for IPSC Saskatchewan at the annual Regina SGCA Gun Show. The booth, expertly staffed by Adnan Parwez, Wes Stevens, and Cliff Kobelskey, became a hub of activity and interest.

Aiming to raise awareness about IPSC Saskatchewan and the wider world of shooting sports, the team engaged with a diverse crowd, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm. The highlight of the event was the evident surge in interest among attendees, with many expressing a keen desire to pursue their Black Badge certification and participate in IPSC shooting events.

For those who find themselves intrigued by the dynamic and challenging world of IPSC, further information is readily available. We invite you to explore what IPSC Saskatchewan has to offer and join our growing community of shooting enthusiasts.

For inquiries, guidance, or to start your journey in the exciting world of IPSC, please feel free to reach out to us at info@ipscsk.com. Our team is always eager to assist and welcome new members.